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About Kellen

Hello Pet Parents!

Allow me to introduce myself — my name is Kellen Dewey and I am the proud founder of Kellen’s K9s, a positive dog training business located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A career in dog training has come as no surprise as I have held many positions in the animal care world. From zookeeping, to in-home pet care, to training service dogs for disabled individuals — I have seen it all! After working over half of my life in this industry, I think it is safe to say that I’ve found my niche within the pet care community by offering mobile, customizable dog training. Educating pet parents on how to thrive with their pups is my passion, and an incredibly rewarding experience for all involved. Every dog deserves a fulfilling life, and every dog guardian deserves the education in order to provide that. I would love to be your guide on your training journey!

“Kellen is the best trainer in the Grand Rapids area!!”

“Prices are fantastic and sessions are jam-packed with training exercises! My pup Remy has improved tremendously with his separation anxiety and self-control. Kellen takes a positive reinforcement approach that really creates a strong bond between you and your pup! Couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Karla S.

Dog: Remy

My Methods

I am a true believer in the power of positivity.

Dogs are sentient beings that should be treated with kindness, empathy, and patience. In agreement with the AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior), I believe that reward-based methods are best for the learning and treatment of all animals.

Tools or methods that are intended to cause an animal pain, discomfort, or negative feelings are not used during training sessions with Kellen’s K9s. If you are currently using tools or methods like this and are interested in trying a more humane or new approach, I would love to help you make the transition! It is my goal to keep the time and space with my clients judgement-free and as positive as possible.

Creating a strong relationship with your dog that is built upon love and understanding changes everything for the better!


I am a Certified Dog Trainer (VSA-CDT) through the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Trainers and a certified service dog trainer through an Assistance Dogs International accredited organization. Continued education in the dog training field is crucial and I am dedicated to earning even more prestigious and relevant dog training certifications to keep helping my clients as much as possible. You can also see me in the heartfelt documentary, “To Be of Service,” as a featured service dog trainer (currently available on Prime Video).

About the Mascot

Meet the heart and soul of Kellen’s K9s!

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“Kellen is a godsend, both to the humans and the fur babies!

“Kellen is a godsend, both to the humans and the fur babies! From our rescue, to our COVID puppy, we have essentially made her a member of our family. Everything from the basics to socialization: Kellen is so knowledgeable and can always find what works best for each dog!”

Hilary & Jason B.

Dogs: Brody, Stella & Breslin

Dog Training Services

Initial Phone Consultation

FREE | 15min.

Wondering if your dog is ready to start or continue their training journey? Talking over the phone is a great place to start! I am happy to go over any initial questions or details this way. Let’s chat!

In-Home Consultation

$75 | Approx. 60min.

This consultation is required before training to ensure a good fit between myself and my clients. This time is spent discussing goals and training plans, while also giving me a chance to assess your dog’s learning style. If after this meeting I believe it is most ethical to refer you to another professional, I will do so.

*Virtual consultations may be used in specific cases if needed/desired.

Individual Session


I normally prefer to see my clients and their dogs several times, but depending on the situation, that is not always necessary. This option is best for singular or specific training concerns in which some guidance is needed over one or a few hours.
Examples: Crate training, Potty training, Enrichment Routines, etc.

Package of 5 Sessions

$550 ($110/session)

This package is a great option for those wanting to get their dog into a solid training routine and see positive results over time. Consistency is key! Five sessions is usually adequate to work on manners, basic to advanced cues, and behavior modification introduction.

Package of 10 Sessions

$1,000 ($100/session)

This package is highly recommended for those who need consistent guidance over a longer period of time, for instance: Puppies with no previous training, new pet parents with no prior dog experience, rescue dogs coming into the family, and dogs needing serious behavioral help (fear, anxiety, reactivity). This package is also a fantastic option for those who want their dog to learn a variety of skills (tricks, patio pup, etc.) that fit into their lifestyle!

Kellen is an awesome trainer with my Bernese Mountain Dog.”

“Do yourself a favor and sign your puppy up for training at Kellen’s K9s. Kellen is an awesome trainer with my Bernese Mountain Dog. It is evident she has years of experience and is a very patient teacher. I highly recommend her for all those who reside in the Grand Rapids area!!”

Jenna F.

Dog: Stella

Ready to get started?

What Goes Into a Dog Training Session?

Kellen’s K9s specializes in in-home dog training sessions for each client, tailored to their goals. I come to you and we focus on what you and your dog need instead of group classes or generic lesson plans. The goal of each session is to teach every pet parent how to reinforce desired behaviors so that they feel empowered moving forward in their dog’s learning journey.

Whether you need help with basic cues, behavioral modification for fear/anxiety/aggression/reactivity, socialization skills — you name it, I can help!

What’s Included?

Training sessions are usually an hour in length and take place with the pet parents in their home, and/or other specific places in which help is needed. A typical session includes but is not limited to:

  • Valuable knowledge on dog behavior, body language, and positive reinforcement
  • Visual demonstrations of each cue/topic being taught
  • Guided hands-on practice
  • Management and enrichment protocols
  • Recommendations on appropriate tools, toys, treats, etc. for your dog
  • Time for Q&A and review

Important Notes

Remember that training your dog is a worthwhile investment! The time and money you put into your relationship now will pay off for years to come.

  • Kellen’s K9s does NOT charge extra or hidden fees for sessions pertaining to reactivity, aggression, anxiety, or other serious behavioral concerns. Behavioral healthcare referrals, however, will be provided in these cases.
  • Payment plans are available.
  • All dogs must be current on vaccines and in good health before any consultations or training sessions.
  • A driving fee of $10 is added to each session if location exceeds a distance of 15 miles from Eastown, Grand Rapids.

Additional Services

Enrichment Walks & Visits

$35 for 30min. | $60 for 1hr.

Are you short on time but want your dog to get out for an enriching walk while working on some leash skills? Do you want your pup to play supervised games and learn a trick or two while you’re at work? This may be a great option for you!

*Initial in-home consultation required.

Service Dog & Therapy Dog Training

Please Contact for More Info

Limited spots available each year, dogs must pass initial behavioral evaluation to be considered. Currently offering training for: Psychiatric, Mobility Assistance, Medical Alert and Response.

*Kellen’s K9s does not provide fully-trained service dogs, but helps qualified individuals self-train their own dogs to completion.

Short-Stay Dog Sitting In Your Home

$80/day | 1-3 Days

Need to get away for a few days but don’t want to worry about leaving your pup stressed out or somewhere new? I can help! Kellen’s K9s provides dog sitting in the client’s home so your dog is comfortable, safe, and in the hands of a certified pet professional.

*Limited availability, must inquire at least three weeks in advance of service.

Kellen does an amazing job explaining canine behavior/body language in a simple and educational way.

“Kellen has been working with my 2.5-year-old Golden Retriever, Bacon. He is a working dog with lots of excitable and anxious energy. Kellen has provided tools to help curb Bacon’s anxiety with exercises like doggy meditation. She has provided strategies on what to do in certain situations when he is overly excited. Kellen does an amazing job explaining canine behavior/body language in a simple and educational way. I have seen so much improvement in Bacon’s confidence and mood. Kellen also has the ability to meet people where they are in a non-judgemental and gentle manner. We just love her!”

Marcia V.

Dog: Bacon

Work With Me

I’m excited at the opportunity to help you and your pup create an everlasting bond! Reach out to me through the methods below, or fill out the form and I’ll get back to you asap!

[email protected]

(616) 826-2810

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